If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea (a serious condition where you stop breathing during sleep) or a TMJ problem (pain or dysfunction in your jaw joints), Kaminski Dental Center can help. Dr. Kaminski takes a special interest in helping people with these conditions. He is skilled at creating oral prosthetic devices that facilitate better breathing during sleep and reduce or eliminate jaw pain caused by TMJ.
Obstructive sleep apnea is potentially deadly, and Dr. Kaminski can often see telltale signs in the mouth during a thorough oral examination. When he does, he’ll refer you to your doctor or, if necessary, to a local MD who can properly diagnose sleep apnea or TMJ and write a prescription for the appropriate treatment device or appliance.


Dr. Kaminski is a Fellow of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and has taken many hours of continuing education and training in TMJ treatment. When you consider that very few dentists will even try to treat people with TMJ, you’ll realize how special Dr. Kaminski is to his patients.

For effective TMJ and sleep apnea dental care in the heart of Green Bay, WI, call Kaminski Dental Center at 920-351-5000 or fill out the online Request an Appointment form to schedule your preferred one-on-one schedule with one of our dental professionals.


"Dr. K. diagnosed and treated my dental problems in a professional way. He is a good listener and always explained what needed to be done and how he could help me. I was pretty anxious about having dental treatment, but he worked with me so that I had minimal discomfort.."

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